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The island of Bohol is notable for the famed Chocolate Hills landscape, and for the being the natural habitat of the Tarsiers–very tiny monkey-like mammals.  We stayed on a small neighboring island called Panglao on Alona beach.  We didn’t know ahead of time, but this is basically the Phuket of the Philippines.  Stunning white sand beach, but there is not enough of a gap between all of the overpriced beachside hotels, restaurants, and souvenir stalls to actually see them.

We walked around on the beach looking for a driver willing to take us around the island to see the sights,  everyone wanted far too many pesos, so we called Jun, the tricycle driver that picked us up from the pier, and he came and picked us up in a van (which also incidentally contained his wife and son) for super cheap.  He then drove us around all day to see the tarsier conservatory and the Chocolate Hills at sunset.  He even stopped at a small local zoo tthat contained a few pythons, ostriches, civets, and other assorted creatures rarely seen on the islands.

When we got back to the hotel, a group of Koreans were celebrating graduation outside of our room by eating pineapples and jumping off the balcony into the pool.  Pretty funny to watch but we were exhausted so we headed down to the beach to eat some fresh seafood on the sand.

The next day morning we paid $2 US to get entrance to a private beach resort where we could enjoy the white sand beaches without the hundreds of tourists and dozens of people trying to sell us items we didn’t want and massage us.  At the resort, Amanda finally got a buko (coconut) halo-halo on the beach.  This is a whole coconut filled with halo-halo goodness: corn flakes, ice cream, candied jellies, beans, and more coconut.  We swam and enjoyed the beautiful beach for a couple more hours before the rain clouds rolled in.  We were sad to leave, but it was time to take a ferry to out last stop in the Philippines, Cebu.

  • Pork sisig
  • A very happy Amanda
  • Deluxe buko halo-halo
  • We love white beaches!
  • Beautiful white sand beach at Dumulaun Resort
  • Aaah, San Miguel overlooking the ocean at night at table #35!
  • Grilling up today's catch
  • Seafood assortment on Alona Beach
  • Loving the python
  • Amanda: "OMG - it's a python!"
  • Jumpy time
  • Super Mario pose
  • Chocolate Hills sunset #2
  • Chocolate Hills sunset
  • Adam and Amanda in front of Chocolate Hills
  • Chocolate Hills
  • Chocolate Hills (black and white)
  • Adam behind-the-scenes shooting tarsiers
  • Sweet looking tarsier
  • Tarsier couple
  • Amanda without her morning coffee
  • Agitated tarsier
  • Panicked tarsier
  • Anxious tarsier
  • Scared tarsier extreme close up
  • Hitching a ride in a motorized tricycle

Posted: May 8, 2012

Author: Adam and Amanda

Category: Asia, Blog, Continents, Philippines

  1. Felix Arnett says:

    What are those mounds. Funny landscape, must be a reason for that. Again you are providing and education for your nephews and nieces. Wish we could be with you. Daddy

  2. Bobby says:

    Adam & Mandy my dream is to build a Cafe in Tagbilaran. When you guys come back to Bohol my wife Luz is from Anda. I pray it comes to fruition 4 PCs, Wifi Expresso, Cappucino’s and Panini sandwiches with soup and may have laundry service for weary travellers. I have a Kalabaw and one Baka.
    I plan to be the AmNoy version of Robinson Crusoe when I’m 62. Love you both!

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