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No matter which country we are traveling in, sampling the local cuisine is one of our favorite things to do.  This was taken to a whole new level in Japan.  We knew that we loved Japanese food from back home, but I think we were a bit unprepared for the vast variety of different culinary options that were available to us.  And it seemed like each meal was better than the previous!  We could have easily spent our entire 1-year budget on three weeks of food in Japan but we set up some guidelines to help us avoid going broke.  Basically we tried to eat at convenience stores for breakfast.  This is a popular thing to do and we were able to get some nice pastries, sushi, rice balls stuffed with fish, and other pre-packaged items for relatively cheap prices.  Then we tried to eat at moderately priced (but still delicious) ramen, or udon shops for lunch or dinner.  Then we sprinkled a few fancy dinners and Izakaya binges in the mix.  In this post, we wanted to highlight some of the more interesting and/or delicious items that we found.

  • Soba with Yuba (made from syobeans) is a specialty in Nikko
  • Horse meat sashimi on our first night
  • Izakaya with good new friends
  • Mmm… infinite sushi
  • FoodInterlude-5
  • Chicken Sashimi at Hides
  • Shabu Shabu at Hide's for our Anniversary Dinner
  • Shabu Shabu at Hide's for our Anniversary Dinner
  • Sakura salt is one of the best things I have ever had
  • Udon
  • Sushi near Shabuya
  • This melon costs over $150
  • $50 grapes?
  • This mango is nearly $100!
  • O-toro, Chu-toro (best sushi ever), maguro, seared maguro and tu
  • Conch!
  • Best ramen of all time at Ippudo in Kyoto
  • So happy for ramen
  • We love Ippudo
  • sluuurp
  • Sakura mochi are so good!
  • So much delicious sushi
  • Adam loves Japanese pastries
  • Nishiki market in Kyoto was incredible
  • Baby octopus at nishiki
  • Fresh roasted chestnuts at Nishiki
  • Assorted delicious dried fruit
  • Dried soybean snacks
  • Dried fruit store where we loaded up on snacks for the road
  • These baby fish are everywhere and so good
  • Assorted pickled vegetables at Nishiki
  • FoodInterlude-32
  • Akashiyaki--egg and octopus
  • Okonomayaki -- cabbage, shrimp, and awesome
  • Noodle cake?
  • Green tea cake
  • The pastry stores in Japan are so good
  • Green tea noodle cake?
  • Kobe beef

Posted: May 11, 2012

Author: Adam and Amanda

Category: Asia, Blog, Continents, Japan


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