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Hiroshima is pretty close to Osaka so it was easy to take a day trip there.  Near the center of town is the A-Bomb Dome, which is one of the few remaining buildings that was left standing after the bomb was dropped.  We also went to the memorial museum which was a powerful experience and gave us a good opportunity for reflections.  The museum contained many exhibits that tell the story of the history of the area and recreate some scenes of the horror after the bomb dropped.  I think the most powerful part for me though was a section that contained TV screens where you could watch recent interviews with some of the survivors.  There personal stories really brought the tragedies to life.

From Hiroshima we took a a quick subway ride and a ferry over to the island of Miyajima to watch the sunset.  This is location of the big red arch that appears to be floating in the water.  It is one of the three most photographed sights in Japan, but when we were there, the whole thing was covered in scaffolding.  It was still beautiful though and the island was really nice.  There were lots of deer running around.

  • A-Bomb Dome
  • A-Bomb Dome
  • A-Bomb Dome
  • Tulips and peace bell
  • Tulips and A-Bomb Dome
  • Adam and Amanda in Hiroshima
  • School children near the peace monument
  • Paper cranes
  • Amanda in the Peace Museum
  • A-Bomb Dome
  • Adam and Deer
  • Miyajima
  • Deer near Miyajima

Posted: May 11, 2012

Author: Adam and Amanda

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