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We knew it would be expensive but Amanda and I discussed it for a few days and decided that since we were so close, we should splurge on a meal of real Kobe beef.  We had heard of a good place called Mouriya so we took the 30 minute train ride into Kobe from Osaka and set out to find it.  There were about 50 Kobe beef restaurants when we got off the train, but all the signs were in Japanese!  After wandering around for a bit, Amanda asked a local if he knew where it was.  He said he did and he took of walking with us.  We went all the way back to the train station before we realized that it had been directly next to the point where we asked him!

The experience was sublime.  We were the only people in the richly appointed wood paneled steak house and we sat at the bar which was a huge tepanyaki grill.  You choose the cut, the amount of marbling (the more fat the higher the price), and the number of grams.  Amanda and I each choose a different variety so that we could compare them.  They brought out the raw steaks to show them to us and then the chef fried up some garlic and assorted vegetables before serving the finished steaks on a board with small piles of salt, pepper and wasabi.  Each steak was about the size of a deck of cards and he cut them into small chunks.  Then you eat it sort of like sashimi, dipping it into any of the seasoning piles first if you want.  The steaks were as soft as butter and full of rich meaty flavor.  It’s really hard to compare them to any other meat I have had, but they were pretty outstanding.

  • Kobe beef
  • Salad at Mouriya
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Posted: May 11, 2012

Author: Adam and Amanda

Category: Asia, Blog, Continents, Japan


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