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Jerash is one of the most famous sites in Jordan and in all of the Middle East.  It is a set of ruins that make up a really well preserved Roman city.  We took a 45 minute bus ride from Amman.  In front of the entrance, a man was making colorful bottles of sand with decorations like camels and mountains.  Then we walked through Hadrian’s Triumphal Arch,  saw the Hippodrome, two Roman theaters and multiple temples.  We got there early enough that the heat wasn’t too bafd and we hardly saw any other tourists (until we were getting ready to leave and the hordes were arriving).  We were surprised that so many locals wanted their pictures taken.  They didn’t even necessarily want to see the photos on the back of the camera.  They just enjoyed the process of dancing, posing, having some shots taken.

  • Hadrian's Triumphal Arch
  • Adam the Gladiator
  • Jerash Columns
  • Collonaded Street Jerash
  • Jordanian Kid in Jerash
  • Jordanian Kid in Jerash
  • Workers by a Column in Jerash
  • Dancing Workers in Jerash
  • Mandy Jumping in Jerash
  • Adam in Jerash
  • Roman Theater in Jerash
  • Mandy Loving a Column
  • Jerash Ruins and Modern Amman
  • Super Mandyio
  • Old Mill in Jerash
  • Nymphaeum in Jerash
  • Sandman of Jerash

Posted: July 22, 2012

Author: Adam and Amanda

Category: Blog, Continents, Jordan, Middle East


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