Yudunaka Snow Monkeys

Snow monkey #20

Posted May 9, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

During out stay in Tokyo, we actually took a a two-day side trip up into the Japanese alps near Nagano called Yudunaka.  Yudunaka is a beautiful town but what made it famous is the large concentration of Japanese Macaques that gather near the snowy hot springs to take baths or onsen.  If you have ever …

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Hanami and Shibuya

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Tokyo is unreal.  We spent nearly a week there, and I think during that entire time, there wasn’t ten minutes that passed without my mind being completely blown.  The city itself is really an experience, and although we did do some sightseeing, it was really all of the small day-to-day things that when added together …

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Kiuchi Brewery

Hitochino on tap

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A few years ago, our good friends Zach and April, hosted a beer tournament at their home for Zach’s birthday.  It was a bracket style tournament and the rules were that each guest brought a six pack of beer, which April poured into small unmarked containers.  Then at each round of the bracket, everyone tasted …

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Amanda near the shrine.  It was snowing!

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I have had a fascination with Japan since I was roughly eleven years old.  My best friend Bryan and I used to save our allowance money so that we could import Japanese animation cartoons (anime) before anime was the global phenomenon that it is now.  We loved Japanese video games, listened to imported japanese video …

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