Sunset Over Hvar 2

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Hvar is known as one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia.  So beautiful in fact, that it was almost impossible for us to find accommodation!  All of our usual sources were turning up nothing but we finally found one one room available for one night at the cheapest hotel in a small Croatian chain.  …

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Zadar, Sibenik and Split

Our Fiesty Little Car

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This was the kind of day that could only happen with a rent-a-car.  All along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, there are atmospheric little red-roofed seaside towns.  It would have been cumbersome to explore by bus, but with the car we could spend more time exploring. Our first stop was a town called Zadar.   …

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Sunset View from the Balcony in Pag

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Pag is known for two things:  “Sir Pag” or Pag cheese which was supposed to be the best in Croatia, and an incredible nightlife that supposedly rivaled Ibiza.  One of these turned out to be true. We got a cool room in the “penthouse” of Aparthotel Belvedere, which was situated on a cliff overlooking the …

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Plitvice National Park

Lake at Plitvice

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Plitvice National Park is one of the most famous sites in Croatia.  It consists of a several gorgeous turquoise lakes at different elevations and the subsequent waterfalls that are created as the lakes flow into each other.  You can take boats to different parts of the park and there is a tram that runs to …

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Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb

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Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, was the first stop on the second phase of our journey after spending a wonderful time with both sides of our families stateside. Many people skip Zagreb and focus on the south of Croatia when they visit and most of the locals had departed to spend the summer on the …

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The Cascade

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I woke up at 7 on my last day in Georgia and went to get a huge breakfast of lasagna-style Katchapuri and Kudbari (bread with ground meat in it).  Then I took a taxi to the bus station to head down to Yerevan, Armenia. On the bus I met a really nice American couple and …

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Ushguli Glacier

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Svaneti is known for being one of the most beautiful areas in Georgia and also one of the hardest to reach.  After leaving Kazbegi, my goal was to get there, even though it was on the complete opposite side of the country…in one day.    Arch, the father in the guesthouse in which I was …

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Cow Near Kazbegi

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In the far north of Georgia near the Russian border, at the end of the Georgian Military Highway, lies the town of Kazbegi.  It is nestled in the foothills of Mt. Kazbek, one of the biggest mountains in the Caucuses and all of Europe.  I arrived via Marshruka (old Soviet minibus) early in the morning …

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Omalo in Tusheti

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High up in the Caucus mountains, near the Georgian border with Chechnya lies an impossibly beautiful collection of villages which are collectively known as Tusheti.  In order to get there, Beka and I met up with young Tushetian man named Irakli who took us on the four hour drive in his 4×4 van.  We crossed glacial …

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Watermelons for Sale

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The Georgian wine country was high on my list, so after visiting Davit Gareja, we went into the Kakheti region to a town called Sighnaghi.  The town is situated on a hilltop overlooking a huge green valley and it almost looks like ancient Italian town, with cobblestone streets, castle walls, and old church towers rising …

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