Luang Prabang

Mercedes and Monks

Posted June 27, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

Luang Prabang has been high on my list of places to go ever since I had to skip it due to time constraints on my last trip to South East Asia in 2006.  I had heard so many great things about it during and since that trip. The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage …

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Tree Top Explorer

Zipping with Amazing View

Posted June 26, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

Despite Amanda feeling terrible, she decided that she wanted to go ahead and go on the Treetop Explorer jungle zipline trek.  She loaded up on medicine and we went back to the Green Discovery office in Pakse where we met up with the Israelis and two more fellow travelers: Damien from Austalia and Sarah from …

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4000 Islands

Karate Battle on the Mekong

Posted June 24, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

The 4000 Islands (Si Phan Don) are in Southern Laos in the Mekong on the border with Cambodia.  Several of the islands are populated with sleepy little riverside villages where local fisherman and their families stick to the traditional way of life.  A few of the larger islands (Don Det and Don Khan) now even …

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Smashed Chickens on Sticks for Sale in Laos

Posted June 21, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  1 Comment

Pakse is a small town that serves as a transport hub for southern Laos.  It is the home a few bus stations, the only airport in the region and not much else.  Before we arrived in Laos we had been trying to arrange a zip-lining trek in the jungle through a company called Green Discovery. …

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