The North

Nature Near Galilee

Posted December 31, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

We spent our last day in Israel traveling through the North and trying to do all of things that we hadn’t had a chance to do so far.  First, Danielle, Rotem, Or, Caitie, Amanda, and I drove up in two cars to see the stunning Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa.  The intricately landscaped gardens cover nineteen …

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Dead Sea

Dead Sea Salt Crust

Posted December 30, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

We almost could have waved to the resort in Jordan where we went to the Dead Sea the first time, but it was a whole different experience in Israel, mainly because we were with friends this time.  Danielle and her family were spending the day at a resort there for the Rosh Hashana holiday so …

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Southern Desert

Camping In th Judean Desert -- Star Trails

Posted December 13, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  1 Comment

A lot of the fun things to do in Israel are out in the desert, so Or borrowed a car and we made our way there.  The first stop (after picking up supplies at his home village just outside of Tel Aviv) was Masada.  Masada is the site of an ancient palace on top of …

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Dome of the Rock and Sun

Posted December 11, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

I think Or said it best: “Jerusalem is more complicated than Tel Aviv”.  That can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.  On the surface level, it is actually physically more complicated to get around due to the ancient hilly winding streets.  On a deeper level, Tel Aviv seems to represent …

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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Coast

Posted December 10, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

Spending Rosh Hashana in Israel at a warm and incredibly beautiful home, learning the local traditions and eating delicious home cooked food, surrounded by friends with several generations of their family under one roof — this was one of the most profound moments of our entire trip.  But how did we come to be there?  …

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Hagia Sofia

Posted December 8, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

Istanbul has been near the top of my “must go” list for as long as I remember.  I had built up in my head so much excitement and mystery about this city that it was going to be impossible for it to actually live up to my expectations.  But I think it did.  It’s hard …

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Must Climb!

Posted December 6, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  3 Comments

The region of Cappadocia in Turkey, has an incredibly strong sense of place.  By this, I mean that yo never really forget that you are in Cappadocia, and this is a good thing.  It is basically like being in the town of Bedrock from the Flinstones.  You are surrounded by stone spires or “Fairy Chimneys” …

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Travertine Pools at Pamukkale

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I think that the “Cotton Castle” of Pamukkale is one of the most unique and beautiful sites in the world.  From a distance it looks like a snow covered mountain, but as you approach, you see that there are little pools and waterfalls cascading down the side of the mountain.  Then as you get even …

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Statue at Aphrodisias

Posted December 4, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

This little known archeological site, located a few hours east of Ephesus, was recommended to us as being superior in a lot of ways even to Ephesus.  We decided to make a stop there on our way to Pamukkale.  We arrived at about 4pm and had to park our car and take a tractor the …

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Library at Ephesus

Posted November 27, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  2 Comments

The site of Ephesus in western Turkey is one of the most well preserved Roman cities in the world.  The most famous building is the epic library facade, but you can easily spend a day walking along the Marble Street, exploring ancient amphitheaters, early Christian hideouts and churches, and our favorite: The Terrace Houses.  The …

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