Tank Dive in Red Sea

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Aqaba was bittersweet.  We loved the city and the scuba diving in the Red Sea but we were sad because it was the last city that we would explore together for a while.  Aqaba was Amanda’s last stop before heading back to Virginia for a while to help take care of her father who was …

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Nabatean Houses

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Petra is one of the wonders of the world and is probably most famous for being the home of the holy grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  What’s amazing to see though is that the Treasury, the building seen in the movie is just one structure in an entire city.  Typically people arrive …

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Adam on the Kerak Wall

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Kerak castle is the best preserved crusader castle in Jordan.  It was built in the 12th century at a strategic hilltop position to protect the King’s Higway, an ancient trade route that winds through the valleys of Jordan.   We took a taxi there from Madaba and the views along the King’s Highway were spectacular.  …

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Dead Sea

Reading in the Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea is famous for being the lowest point on Earth and for containing incredibly salty water that makes you float.  The mineral rich mud below the sea also has a lot of health properties and they make some high-end cosmetics and beauty products out of it.  The sea is on the border of …

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Madaba Mosaic Map and St. George's Church

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Madaba is a pretty town south of Amman that serves as a good base for a lot of the sights in central Jordan.  We stayed at a really cool guest house called “Pilgrim’s”  that was right on the same property of St. George’s church in the middle of town.  St. Georges’s is famous for being …

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Nymphaeum in Jerash

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Jerash is one of the most famous sites in Jordan and in all of the Middle East.  It is a set of ruins that make up a really well preserved Roman city.  We took a 45 minute bus ride from Amman.  In front of the entrance, a man was making colorful bottles of sand with …

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View of Amman

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We were able to fly Emirates from Dubai to Amman, Jordan and that was an experience in itself.  The friendly service and little touches like table clothes on the trays (even in coach) made it one of our favorite airlines.  We arrived without a hitch and then took a taxi into Abdoun – a somewhat …

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