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Aqaba was bittersweet.  We loved the city and the scuba diving in the Red Sea but we were sad because it was the last city that we would explore together for a while.  Aqaba was Amanda’s last stop before heading back to Virginia for a while to help take care of her father who was about to have knee surgery.  We had a great time there though.  We met up with a nice group and took a boat out into the Red Sea.  We were on the border of Jordan, Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.  We did a dive around a sunken tank and another one on a beautiful coral reef.  We stayed the first night there at an apartment at the Aqaba International School with our new Peace Corp friends, and then they left so we moved into a room at the Al Qidra hotel.  I told the friendly guy at the front desk that it was our last night in town and he upgraded us to a suite for free! It was nice to have the extra space while we sorted out the contents of our backpacks and to see what Amanda would be taking back to the US.

  • Sting Ray in Red Sea
  • Tank Dive in Red Sea
  • Tank Dive in Red Sea
  • Tank Dive in Red Sea
  • Octopus in Red Sea
  • Shrimp in Red Sea
  • Puffer Fish
  • Backflip into the Red Sea
  • Kind of Looks like Palm Springs
  • Red Sea View from Aqaba

Posted: July 25, 2012

Author: Adam and Amanda

Category: Blog, Continents, Jordan, Middle East


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