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Before we left for Donsol, we had arranged with Tita Chie for her to meet us at the mall in Legazpi.  The van driver dropped us off there and we went to meet Tita Chie and her grandson Yacqui.  We got a quick bite to eat at the mall, and then I went off to investigate fixing the iPhone.  I found a place that would do it for around $35, but Tita Chie warned me that they would use knock-off parts and we would be better off fixing it in Manila.   We were just happy that fixing it was even an option.

Then her son Butch (Yacqui’s dad)  picked us up in front of the mall.  He was super generous and drove us around to see the pier and Casaqwa Ruins. These ruins consist of an old church bell tower at the foot of Mount Mayon.  Mount Mayon is similar in shape and size to Japan’s Mount Fuji (some local travel ads even compare the two, saying that there is no need to fly to Japan).   During an eruption, the entire area was covered in ash and only the bell tower remains, sticking above the ground.

Afterwards, Butch dropped us off at Embarcadero, a nice strip of shops and restaurants along the water. We meet more family at dinner – Tito Tong, Kristina and her daughter and had seafood and Bicol Express, which is a local specialty consisting of pork, coconut milk and chili peppers. Masarap (delicious)!

Later that night, we took a tricycle back to Tita Che’s house. Her backyard was basically the base of Mount Mayon and the view was absolutely breathtaking.

  • View of Mount Mayon from Tita Chie's back yard
  • Tita Chie, Tito Tong, Yacqui, Kristina and her daughter
  • Family dinner at Embaracdero
  • Us and Mount Mayon
  • Mount Mayon
  • Yacqui and Mount Mayon
  • Casaqwa ruins and Mount Mayon

Posted: April 12, 2012

Author: Adam and Amanda

Category: Asia, Blog, Continents, Philippines

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  1. Joy says:

    You guys were in Legaspi City? :) That’s where my mom was from. I think Jenny and I even own a patch of land out there somewhere. xoxo.

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