Plaza Mayor, Madrid

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Madrid is a fine city and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there, but like many capitals, I think it does everything pretty well without really doing anything exceptionally.  For example, you can get food from all over Spain there, but none of it will be as good as it would be in the region where …

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Sagrada Familia

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Ah Spain!  The top-notch food, the affordable, delicious wine, the passionate music, the dancing, the hospitality and the general way of life that I experienced during my last two visits here had made it one of my absolute favorite countries.  Amanda and I had been talking about visiting together for several years and we were …

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Dancing at the Panageria

Posted November 7, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

Ikaria, the small island in the eastern Aegean where Icarus supposedly fell to the earth after flying too close to the sun, is a magical island.  Tourism is minimal, the beaches and landscapes are stunning, the produce is fresh and delicious and the locals are laid back and friendly.  Maybe this is why they have …

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Mykonos is probably the other most well known island in Greece (along with Santorini).  We had not originally planned to go there but after poring over the spaghetti-like ferry schedules, we discovered that it was pretty much essential to go to Mykonos if we wanted to continue our journey east towards Turkey.  And it turns …

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Sunset Over Santorini

Posted October 29, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  2 Comments

Santorini is is one of the most well known islands in Greece.   The island is actually a crescent-shaped caldera of an ancient volcano.  Several tiny white-washed, villages with blue-doored buildings sprinkled throughout are arranged along the lip of the caldera.  They are connected by gleaming white staircases and narrow alleys.  The atmosphere and views …

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The Oracle of Delphi was the most important shrine in all of ancient Greece, where people came from all over to have their questions answered by the priestess of the Temple of Apollo.  We had originally planned to see Delphi on our trip down from the north, but since that plan got scrapped we had …

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After resting for a while and recovering from our crazy bus ride, we decided to go out and explore this ancient city.  The area where we were staying was called Plaka, and it was full of quaint winding streets and alleyways that surround the Acropolis.  Some alleyways lead to rooftop terrace restaurants with beautiful views …

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Border Between Albania and Greece

Posted September 29, 2012  /   By Adam and Amanda  /  0 Comments

After Kotor, our goal was to get to Greece, but there didn’t seem to be any obvious way to do it.  Flights were prohibitively expensive and there are no direct trains or busses.  There was a route that looked promising but it had to go back up to Belgrade first and would have taken several …

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Driving Back to Kotor

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I had no idea that there were Fjords in southern Europe.  When I think of these steep, river valleys, I typically think of Norway but on the bus ride from Dubrovnik to Kotor  we had a chance to see the majestic fjords of Montenegro for several hours.  It was one of the best views that …

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Beach Party on the Rocks near Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic and even though it was a long boat and bus ride into town from Hvar, we were all excited to explore it.  It is a medieval city full of brightly colored red roofs and it is surrounded by huge walls.  It also happened …

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