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Pag is known for two things:  “Sir Pag” or Pag cheese which was supposed to be the best in Croatia, and an incredible nightlife that supposedly rivaled Ibiza.  One of these turned out to be true.

We got a cool room in the “penthouse” of Aparthotel Belvedere, which was situated on a cliff overlooking the main beaches of the island.  There was even an elevator that went down to the beach from the cliff!  The only downside to the penthouse room was was that we had to climb up five flights of stairs up a tower to get to it and since it was at the top, it was sort of shaped like an attic with a low slanted roof that everyone kept hitting their heads on.  Still, the view over the beach and sea from the balcony were incredible.  We arrived pretty late on that first day, but the hotel served up a nice meal (including some famous Pag cheese) then we went to bed.

Somehow, due to some combination of jet lag and exhaustion, we slept in until nearly 2pm!  I hadn’t slept in that long for probably 10 years and we all felt pretty bad that we had missed the better part of the day.  Still, we made it down to the pebbly beach and had a good time relaxing and people watching.  We spent the rest of the day lounging around town, trying some of the various gelatos and snacks, and then got ready to go experience the legendary nightlife.  We wandered over to what seemed to be the busiest part of the island, and went into what seemed to be the biggest club.  It was still mostly empty but it was early so we ordered a few beers and grabbed a table.  Finally, after a few hours, the place started to fill up, but the music was all techno and nobody was even dancing on the dance floor.  Everyone was just kind of standing around bobbing.  Some guys kept doing funny dance moves like they were battling Jean and then Amanda got super excited because she saw Philip, one of the Top 10 dancers in the American dance show So You Think You Can Dance Season 5.  He let us know that the parties on Pag were indeed awesome…but they party side was on the other side of the island.  Doh!  We still had a great time though and I think it was just the right amount of party for us.

  • Smoked Dalmation Ham and Anchovies
  • Chillin on the Balcony over Pag
  • View from the Balcony in Pag
  • View from the Balcony in Pag
  • Sunbathers in Pag
  • Party time in Pag
  • Sunset View from the Balcony in Pag
  • Sunset View from the Balcony in Pag
  • Sunset View from the Balcony in Pag
  • Mandy and Phillip from SYTYCD:5

Posted: September 22, 2012

Author: Adam and Amanda

Category: Blog, Continents, Croatia, Europe


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